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Top 50 Comics in My Collection: 2022

Comic Book Collecting & Investment Rant


Tag Video Top 10 First Appearances in My Collection

On the Run with Brett Booth’s Backlash

Today I am going through Backlash 1-32. The full run of the series. Created by Brett Booth, Jim Lee and Brandon Choi

Brian LCS Spider Man 60th Anniversary Cover Challenge

Celebrating Spider-Mans 60th Anniversary. Brian LCS has asked the community to show ten covers that are our favorites. Please feel free to join in....

DC Comics Solicitations for June 2022 Podcast:

Image Solicitations for June 2022 Podcast

Marvel Solicitations for June 2022

A long run down of all the comics coming from Marvel. A great way to be in the know for future pre-orders

BCB’s Comic Cover Challenge (Marvel Edition)

This Week in Comics November 27