Marvel Comic Book News: 7/6/16


Iron Man Chooses a successor:

Invincible Iron man #1 will see Tony Stark Step down as Iron Man and passing the mantel over to Riri Williams. A black woman that also happens to be quite the genius herself. Sounds good!?! Maybe, maybe not. The armor is a bit on the masculine side. And that I am not feeling at all. This book will debut this fall under the new Marvel NOW. It will be written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS and art by STEFANO CASELLI

Woman Ironman

We are The Champions:
marvels young Avengers quit team and join with a few others to become All-New, All-Different Champions. This is supposed to be a new take on the old school Champions. Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man(Miles Morales) and Nova are joined by the Hulk, Cyclops, and Viv Vision. This book will done by writer Mark Waid and artist Humberto Ramos

Champions2 Champions

Unworthy Thor Gets His own Title:

Odinson returns in full force in his own book. Writer Jason Aaron who is currently writing Mighty Thor is bringing this book to life with veteran Thor artist Olivier Coipel. Thor Odinson will have is ax Jarnbjorn and now Ultimate Thor’s hammer is thrown into play. You just have to love it. Available this October. Right on time for New York Comic Con.


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