Skybound Xpo 2020:The Walking Dead Deluxe Announced


Today at Skybound Xpo, Robert Kirkman announced The Walking Dead Deluxe. An issue by issue celebration of the comic book. Representing the single issues in , FULL COLOR. This is being colored by Dave McCaig. Who Kirkman says has been coloring these comics in secret for four years. New covers will be drawn by David Finch, Arthur Adams, Julian Totino Tedesco and Charlie Adlard. Some of Tony Moore cover will be presented recolored by Dave McCaig.

Kirkman also spoke of the “Cutting Room Floor”. Hand written plots from the comic. Changes and deaths that were made from the original will be in the back of each issue. A deep dive into the comic for all of us to experience. The first issue will be released this October 7, 2020. And after that it will be two issues a month for the duration.

We are SUPER excited for this news. And Robert Kirkman quoted Carl’s daughter. “Read it again.”.”